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Proceedings of the Ayurveda Seminar on Epilepsy

On 16th March 1991


  • Presidential Address - Dr. C. K. Ramachandran, Retired Professor of Medicine, Medical College, Kozhikode, Kerala
  • A review on the Aetiology, Symptomatology and treatment of Apasmara (Epilepsy) - By M G Ramu, Assistant Director, Regional Research Centre (CCRAS), Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
  • Baalaapasmaaranidaanam - Dr. K Sundaran, MD (Ayu), Govt. Ayurveda Mental Hospital, Kottakkal, Kerala
  • Apasmaara Chikitsaanubhavangal - Dr. A V Balaraman Consultant Ayurvedic Psychiatrist, Kottakkal

Presidential Address

Dr. C. K. Ramachandran, Retired Professor of Medicine, Medical College, Kozhikode, Kerala

Ideopathic Epilepsy

And lastly we will say that some people try to call Ideopathic Epilepsy are due to some changes which are there right from birth. Some people consider ideopathic as no cause known and so it is having a nativity of its own.

Traumatic causes for Epilepsy

We have the birth trauma, and it was very common in olden days. The child with a cephalo pelvic disproportionate is being born. The mother has got a cephalo pelvic disproportion. The child has been delivered using instrumentation. Today the incidence of instrumentation or a forceps delivery has come down .Remember one fact that any patient who comes with an Epilepsy , we may call it as an Ideopathic Epilepsy. But if a detailed history is taken, they may have some kind of birth trauma. It is known that when the head And all these moulding processes one of the places where some effective forces transmitted to is the temporal lobe. And that part , medial temporal lobe is just come pressed towards the temporal hiatus region is known to produce Temporal lobe Epilepsy in later life. There have been a study which is being done not here, the community study by the Neurology. All India Institute and they have found that this is true. We had a study in one of the villages near about Trivandrum and we have also found that this has got some fact which promote Temporal lobe Epilepsy in later life. But anyway appropriate management of labour with a good prenatal care and post-natal management is likely to bring down the incidence of Temporal lobe Epilepsy When we have hypoxia about which we have already talked about the problem at the ti

Traumatic Causes

  • Birth trauma (Forceps delivery etc)
  • Hypoxia (Hypoxic damage to brain during delivery)
  • Penetrating injuries.
  • Foreign bodies.
  • Cicatrix

Causes of Epilepsy

Ideopathic EpilepsySymptomatic EpilepsyCongenital Epilepsy
1) Traumatic1) Dysgenesis
2) Inflammatory2) Microgyria & agyria
3) Tumours3) Cysts
4) Reactive4)Hydrocephalus
5) Metabolic 5) Hypoxia
6) Vascular
7) Degenerative


  • 1. Encephalitis
  • 2. Menengitis
  • 3. Brain abscessess
  • 4. Allergic
  • 5. Fungal
  • 6. Parasitic
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