Vajrasana - Thunderbolt Pose


In sanskrit, Vajra means diamond or thunderbolt and asana means a pose.This yoga posture has been named after the shape it takes - which resembles that of a diamond or thunderbolt.

How to do Vajrasana

  • Kneel down. Stretch your legs backwards, keep them together such that big toes of each foot either touch each other or cross each other and the heels should be separated.
  • Now, lower the body such that your buttock resting on the heels and thighs on the calf muscles.
  • Place the hand on your knees and keep head straight.
  • Concentrate on your breath and observe the process of inhalation and exhalation.
  • You can also close your eyes and concentrate on the breath and calm the mind.
  • Remain in the position for 5-10 minutes.
  • Breathe out, relax. Straighten your legs.

Benefits of Vajrasana

  • Enhances blood circulation in the lower abdomen improving digestion
  • Relieves excessive gas trouble or pain in the abdomen
  • Strengthens legs and back
  • Regulate blood supply in the pelvic region and strengthens the pelvic muscles
  • It is a good meditative pose.
  • Helps in rejuvenating and strengthening the genital system and cure problems related to genital organs

Contraindication of Vajrasana

Avoid this pose in case of:

  • Knee joint pain
  • Any recent surgery of legs, waist.
  • Any ailments related to spinal cord.
  • If you feel any pain in your ankles, release the pose and massage the ankles with your hand.
  • Pregnant women should keep their knees slightly apart while doing this asana in order to avoid pressure over the abdomen.

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