Hazeline D’Souza


This is to express my gratitude to all the people at AmalaAyurvedic Hospital and Research Centre. We had recently been for the treatment and we were so impressed with all the facilities and the treatment that was meted out to us. The whole treatment was so rejuvenating and we were so touched by the hospitality and the warmth of all those involved. I would give a five star rating for the treatment.

Cheers Keep it up Amala.

A Amahzoune


It has been a great experience to be at Amala Ayurvedic Hospital.The treatments has been wonderful, experienced threapists; my body feel so much flexible
and soft after 21 days of treatment.  Staffs are very helpful and informative.

Miranda Chackery

I.Delo Road, Toronto, Canada

The hospitality, care, affection and the wonderful cure the medical team gave me is much appreciated. I am going back to Canada with all good memories and healthy body. Thank you for everything and certainly I will tell my friends and relatives about Ayurvedic medicines. May god bless Amala Hospital.

Christian Loidl


We were here at Amala Ayurvedic Hospital for the second time over two weeks and again enjoyed our time here. The spirit of this place is very special as the people are.The point is they are not only making their jobs, but everyone feels responsible for the patients and do their best in order to make the treatments successful.
We will definitely be back.

Christian Vollmer

Berlin, Germany

Thank you all so very much for your loving care and the kindness of your serving. It has been a very pleasant and refreshing time for me here in your hospital. God bless you all.

A home away from your home.

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