Vishesha Abhyangam

Special body massage done using medicated oils focusing on the vital points/marma points followed by...

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Body massage done using medicated oil in rhythmic steps for about 45 minutes by one therapist as ins...

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Pizhichil literally means squeezing. Pizhichil is done by dipping bundle of cloth in lukewarm medica...

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Patra Pinda Swedam/Elakizhi

Herbal leaves are collected and finely chopped, warmed in oil and made into bolus in muslin cloth li...

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Njavara is the special medicated rice used for the procedure, it is cooked in the mixture of decocti...

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Choorna Pinda Swedam

Choorna kizhi is the fomentation procedure done with the boluses of various medicated powders. Treat...

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