Woman’s body is wonderfully complex and delicate. Pregnancy changes a woman’s body in more ways than expected by many, and that doesn’t stop when the baby is born. Delivering of a baby, results in emotional, mental and physical exertion. Caring a mother after birth is important because a new life coming into the world is the outcome of a lot of emotional and physical changes. Recovering from such a traumatic journey can be extremely challenging and is often a period of extreme confusion and exhaustion for the mother and people around. Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of the care for mother and child immediately following delivery with specific diet and mode of life (Soothika Paricharya), by which the mother reverts back to her normal pre-pregnancy state. At Amala, we have special post-delivery care (Ayur Janani) packages that include traditional ayurvedic massages, herbal paste application for body and face, medicated water bath, bandaging of abdomen, etc and medication to restore of the health of mother and nourish all tissues of the body. We provide mother and child with calm, peaceful and hygienic recovery space during this very stressful period. Program also includes yoga to help rejuvenate the mind and body.


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